Last Wednesday was all about Nelson Mandela— he celebrated his 94th birthday, it was Nelson Mandela International Day, and his clothing and accessories line 466/64 Fashion made its North American debut.
The launch of 466/64, which is pronounced “four, double six, six four,” was kicked off with a fashion show and press conference held at the South African Consulate in New York City.
466/64 represents Mandela’s prisoner number and year of imprisonment on Robben Island — #466 in 1964. Mandela wasn’t present at the unveiling of the line at the South African Consul General in New York, but licensor Brand ID pulled off a great event. South African vocalist Lira and international model Sam Sarong are the two faces of the brand, which was founded in 2011.
Lira in her statement said "As a young South African, I can wear a brand that makes me proud to show where I’m coming from,” as she graced the runway with international model Sam.
 The fashion brand hopes that its global expansion efforts will boost South Africa’s economy and help create more local textile jobs. Sixty percent of the collection is made in South Africa, and part of the proceeds will be set aside for the 466/64 Foundation.
The collection will be available online and in specialty stores, and will be also shown during New York Fashion Week in September and hit department stores in 2013 spring. 
NELSON MANDELA DEBUTS FASHION LINE 466/64 IN U.S NELSON MANDELA DEBUTS FASHION LINE 466/64 IN U.S Reviewed by Bashiru Olu Wasiu-Ayinde on 10:17:00 Rating: 5

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