For starters, stop treating your nails like tools. "Tearing open boxes leads to chips and peeling," says Grossman.

• To keep both nails and hands from dehydrating, forgo plain antibacterial gels and instead choose moisturizing versions, like Purell With Lubriderm—and do the same with soaps.

• More advice: Keep SPF hand cream throughout your house. "Like the face, hands are exposed and need coverage," says Grossman. She keeps a stick of Hawaiian Tropic Kids SPF 50 in the glove box. "Even with UV-protective auto glass, damaging rays penetrate, and they will age your hands," she says.

• For nighttime care, rub hands with a rich alpha hydroxy acid lotion—it's too thick for day—and if the skin is chapped, use shea butter or Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment. For deep rehab, add cotton gloves after application to wear overnight.
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