Getting rid of brown spots takes patience—and dedication to sun protection, as the slightest bit of exposure will bring on more trouble. Beyond that, here's how to fade them:
For mild discoloration: A cream with a hefty dose of retinol will help fade spots over time. Apply a thin layer to your entire face, since spot-treating isn't as effective.
For serious spots: You need a prescription cream, so talk to a dermatologist. Hydroquinone products work, but if they irritate your skin, ask about a milder product which has retinoids and antibiotics.
Kristen Oldham Giordani, senior editor
BEAUTY TIPS: HOW TO FADE DARK SPOTS BEAUTY TIPS: HOW TO FADE DARK SPOTS Reviewed by Bashiru Olu Wasiu-Ayinde on 06:38:00 Rating: 5

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