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We want to believe that the new year has started well for you, as we wish you nothing but the very best throughout the year.
Our beautiful beauty ambassador, Annette is here to bring you yet another review of a skincare product which is going to be our first post for the year.
Check out the previous review She did on the FC Blemish Control Soap. Today, She will be reviewing the FC Blemish Control Toner. Join the ride as She takes you on the ride of beauty.
Is it just Ghanaians or elsewhere too that the use of the word "toner" or "toning" in skincare might mean something else? e.g. it may mean the use of "mild" bleaching creams, soaps or lotions to slightly lighten your skin shade. Anyway, this isn't one of such products.
 So according to FC:
"This is a revolutionary toner combining the effects of Aloe Vera, Herbal Extracts and Kola Nut Extracts. This botanical combination has shown remarkable results on skin with blemishes, acne scars and skin discolourations. It helps control excess oil and removes dead skin cells, leaving skin revitalized, clear and renewed".

Deionised water, witchazel extract, aloe vera gel, glycerol, pine extracts, kola nut extracts, propylene glycol, triclocarban, menthol, camphor, Retinyl palmitate, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, Fragrance.

My review:
I have never fully understood the job of a toner, which is liquid in case you were wondering, as to whether its necessary to be included or not into a skin care routine and if its effective at all. Generally, toners are alcohol based or alcohol free. It is usually selected based on your skin type or needs so I will say that oily skin should gear towards alcohol toners and dry sensitive skin towards alcohol free toners. With that being said most toners will claim to tighten pores, exfoliate, brighten, soothe, hydrate, anti-acne, anti-blemish, etc. So you should read what the labels say and select based on your skin needs.

After using my fair share of alcohol and alcohol free toners, mostly from Garnier, Simple and then FC, I will say in summary what the difference in effect is. With alcohol toners, also called astringent, the effect is the immediate and temporary: tightening and smoothening of the skin and gives a drying effect to the skin. According to my research this is due to the swelling of the pores. Alcohol free toners mostly are soothing, cooling and gives a hydrating and calming effect to the skin.

The FC Blemish Control Toner, an alcohol based toner is in my opinion no different. It is a green coloured solution with a mild barely there leafy smell which I cannot place. It is scented because it contains fragrance however, its not overpowering at all. The directions say to apply on face and neck and other affected areas with cotton wool after using FC Face Wash. Then follow with FC Skin Repair or Skin Tone Cream or Gel and to use twice daily.

Here is how I use it:
I first take off any makeup, that is if I am wearing any and cleanse my face and neck with the FC Blemish Control Soap and rinse it off. I pour a little of the FC Blemish Control Toner unto a cotton round/pad.

 I prefer the pad to the wool because the pad has a larger surface area and is less messy. I dab and slightly massage the pad unto my face and neck. It is not meant to be washed off and I follow with the FC Multifruit Cream at night and my day cream, Eversheen Cocoa Butter, in the mornings.

So, overall what do I think?
Well honestly as much as I don't think toners by themselves are that effective, I think as part of a routine they compliment other products. The FC Blemish Control Toner is no different. It is effective I believe with the other products in my routine and although its not entirely organic, looking at the first five ingredients, aloe vera and witchazel, which I will say are very good for the skin, this product is a good toner.

Will I repurchase and recommend to a friend?
Heck ya! I am currently on my second bottle. It has become a staple in my skincare routine and cannot do without it. It is readily available in Ghana and costs Gh¢ 11.00 which is about £3.50 or $4.50. Very affordable as compared to other foreign skin care brands available in Ghana. To purchase, simply go to any FC shop nationwide or buy from selected pharmacies and shops. I usually buy from the circle branch which is closest to me.

Look our for more reviews of the products in my skincare routine. I hope this will be helpful for someone. Please feel free to ask any question, comment and share with me if you have used this product before.
Until the next post,
Keep on being fab!
Annette Akye II NaturalistaGh
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