Tet Glass Beads is the first Ghanaian traditional glass beads manufacturing industry in Accra. The proprietor and director of the company, Mr. Abraham Tetteh, hails from Odumasi Krobo in the Manya districts of the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Traditional beads production is the culture of people of Odumasi and for Mr. Tetteh it is a family tradition he hopes to take to all heights. He started this occupation with his family in 1990 at Bormase and later he moved to his home town in 1997. In 2004, however, he migrated to Accra East Legon (Ogbojo junction near Madina).

Tet Glass Beads was thus birthed in Accra in 2004. The company has employed 18 hands on deck seriously pursuing the one vision:
"To develop the business into an export based multi-purpose beads manufacturing industry".

Today via innovation, creativity and hardwork Tet Glass Beads a traditional artisan though has come up with new ideas that led to the development of 34 contemporary bead products from recycle glass (no more glass to be thrown away) this is our contribution to waste management.

Tet Glass Beads Industry
Address:P.O Box 1530, Accra - North, Ghana West Africa
Mobile:            +233-24-4163778      
Location:Madina -ObojoNear Ogbojo Juntion, Accra

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