FashionmaniaGh was born out of a passion for fashion 3months ago and title “INSPIRED BY CREATIVITY” to appreciate creativity. To celebrate people who go extra mind in making things happen, people who turn their passion into money, to celebrate excellent artwork, celebrate  designers who think beyond fabric, designers who doesn't see limitation in their growth, those that makes African proud through their creativity. Also to serve it as an avenue for me to share what am presently learning on THERAPY through my daily FASHION & BEAUTY TIPS.

But the feedback I received each time I posted an article always blew me away. Readers keep demanding for information which most I don’t even have and that motivated me to dig, research, interview, go to places, etc in other not to disappoint my readers. Anytime I provide solution to information requested by my readers and they express their happiness, It make me feel fulfilled. Means it’s becoming a responsibility and business like.  
23rd of June, 2012 makes it 3months that I created this blog. 4,079 people visited from over 20 African countries including United Kingdom, United State, Russia, and Netherlands. What amazed when I checked the statistics was that 31.1% of the viewers are from United State, followed Ghana 23.4%, UK 9.3%, Russia 2.7% and 33.5% shared by other African countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi, etc. Christie Brown article on clothing Alicia Keys, Asa, Efya and Sandra with her fringe have the highest viewers of 297, Coins Bag collection by Nuna Couture followed with 134 viewers and Eve Collection by Evelyn Rugemalia from Tanzania came third with 103 viewers.

But the question I asked myself after checking the statistics was that; Why United State with the largest viewers?Uhmmmm..Not what you are thinking. No beef dude. Just that I have few friends in USA compared to UK, Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon.  
These thought now remind me of question I asked in one of my article “IS AFRICA THE NEXT BIG THING COMES TO FASHION?” A friend once told me that USA and UK market have been saturated and people are looking for opportunities in Africa. I will partially agree with that. Example is what is going on in our music and movie industry now, collaboration between D’bang and Snoop dog, Psquare with Akon and Rick Ross and many of them flying down to Africa for musical concert including R.Kelly who is afraid of flying but visited Nigeria twice now..Uhmm.

Fashion designers like Ozwald Boateng, Bee Arthur, Christie Brown, Adama Paris, and many others have also put us on top on the international scene and looking at the fashion shows in Africa; Arise Magazine Fashion Show in Lagos, Nigeria, Hub Of Africa in Ethopia, Fashion Night Out, Ghana, Ghana Fashion and Designs Week (5-7 October), Dakar fashion week, Cote D'Ivoire Fashion Week (August 2012), Swahili Fashion Week and many others, now leave me with no doubt that the future of fashion in Africa is very bright.  

What’s next for FashionmaniaGh?… FashionmaniaGh will go from just a blog to website before the end of second quarter of existence (i.e between 23rd of June – 23rd of September), exclusive interview with 100 designers across Africa during the period, Videos and pictures of runway show, red carpet segment, behind the scene and more report on beauty pageant and talent hunt across Africa. Fashionmania personality of the week and fashionmania model of the week will also return.

I want to say a very big thank you to you all for visiting my world. Please, keep sending your comment and constructive critics because it energize and motivate me.
Feel free to email: or call: (+233) 0268234697 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            (+233) 0268234697      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, 0549505951 for any information or you want me to feature you.


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