The fashion week kicks off with a very interesting seminar. The three (3) speak share their experiences and journey into fashion business. The ugly, bitter and sweet moment and how they manage to sell their passion and idea to others.

Though, the seminar didn’t start on time as scheduled in the event table...You will say African time...Yes BUT every minute spent at the seminar worth it. To summarize the discussion, it was based on determination, focus, passion, flexibility, unity & oneness.
The story of Naana Yanky, Creative director of Cocolily label really touched me. She shared her experience on how she started her label with just $300 with little or no acceptance from people. But now the label is celebrated by many and it has been featured in many international magazines such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, etc and has graced some of the world finest fashion runway.
Let’s talk about the catwalk show....Unfortunately for me; I missed the first three designers (Love April (Ghana), Rebekah Opuni (UK) & Kachi Designs (USA). So I can’t really say anything about their collection but Sarah Duah from Germany was fantastic with her creativity using hair to make her collection but didn’t work for me because I was looking for wearable stuff. On the other hand, Duaba Serwa didn’t disappoint me as she close the show for part one. Her collection was on point. Just what I expected to see, something for me and you, a day to day collection be it street, office, or dinner wear. It’s fashionable but wearable.
Orange Culture from Nigeria opens part two of the show after 20minutes break with lovely male and female collection. Followed by Konfidence shoes and bags, I was not that moved by this round. May be because she is showcasing the same collection I saw at her launch few weeks back.
Maria Gonzalez from Spain did justice to her all white collection with beautiful choreography and Jil Boutique from Ghana closes the show for day1.
So far, am impressed but I must call the organizers attention to some flaws that happened before and during the show.
Most of the time organizers put blames on audience as reason for starting show late but this time it was other way around. The show was scheduled to start by 4:30pm; unfortunately the set up of the hall was still going on at 6:00pm while guests are standing outside.
Few technical problems also occurred which I expect the organizers to look into for day2 BUT the most annoying part was the inability of the organizers to control the movement in the hall. Some guests are just walking around while the models are on the runway. At a point, I was taking pictures of a lady thinking that she was a model coming from the dressing room because she came out exactly from the dressing room walking across the runway to take her seat.
Just my own view anyway...You are free to speak your mind too in the comment box below.
Below are the schedule for day2. Looking forward for interesting show.
11.00 – 14.00                      Seminars
12.00 – 20.00                      Exhibition
Show Part One
16.30                                     Mina Evans (Ghana)
17.00                                     Brigitte Merki (Ghana)
17.00                                     Alali Boutique ( Nigeria)
18.00                                     1981 (Italy)
18.30                                     Coccolily (Canada)
Media & Designer interaction
Final Exhibition Viewing
Show Part Two
19.30                                     Morts & More (UK)
20.00                                     Mimi Lee London (UK/Nigeria)
20.30                                     AFG- Trade Not Aid (UK)
21.00                                     Christie Brown (Ghana)

Duaba Serwa
Duaba Serwa

Konfidence (Shoe & Bag)

Confidence, Creative director of Konfidence label with the label
Love April

Love April
Photo Credit: Kola Oshalusi For Insigna Media


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