Fashion is believed by many to be dynamic. But even with the colour blocking, waist skirts, pencil jeans creeping into our everyday lives, many still turn out to be fashion rots.
Do you feel like a fashion rot? Most people do feel like a fashion failure, they see themselves buying the same colour every time they go to obtain new clothes. Everything in their closet looks the same and they keep struggling to decide what clothes to wear despite the fact that their wardrobes are filled with different clothes of which cost a huge fortune. It is about time you add some excitement to your wardrobe but taking into consideration that the excitement doesn't make you a fashion rot of some sort.
You could add excitement to your dressing by getting to know the colour that fits you more that is the colour that looks great on you. Wearing wrong colours a mistake most women make will make you skin look sallow, and line of wrinkles will visibly stand out. Before you purchase an outfit be sure that the colour will make your skin radiant. If you are one of those who always buy the same colour for all your clothes because of your love for that colour use this as a starting point and add a few colours once in a while to create interest in your wardrobe. To achieve this getting help from experts of colour blocking will go a long way.
Getting to know your body shape also goes a long way in helping escape the trap of being called a fashion rot. Also get to know your body shape and choose styles that are best for it. When your clothing purchases are based on how well your dresses fit your shape then getting dressed will be thrilling and not catastrophic as many turn out to be.
Another aspect of your dressing is choosing the right accessories that would complement the look of your outfit. Accessories such as handbags, scarves, necklaces, shoes, hair pins, bracelets, anklets, rings and earrings will bring any outfit alive. But be mindful not to be too overdressed for whatever occasion you are dressed for as you will only end up being too loud and the essence of the whole thing will be lost.
To achieve the right look now that you have the right colours, style and matching accessories, your hairstyle and make up cannot be overlooked. You should make sure that your make up matches the outfit colour and of cause the occasion. Most importantly your hairstyle should complement the colour of your skin and be in harmony with the occasion and what you are wearing. If you have to use a head scarf then it should be one that compliments your dress.
Once you have all these in place then you could compliment it with the right smile and attitude. A genuine smile and attitude makes you appear respectable and smart. This way you will be creating an image of a fashion icon that is impressive. Remember beauty is never in exposure, it never is really!
By Amina Alhassan

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