As we age, so does our taste in fashion. During our teen years, most of us are usually wearing simple shirts and jeans. As we get to our 20’s, our taste becomes more sophisticated but still manage to pull off youthful trends. Once we get older, we start to dress more conservatively. For all big girls out there, Yes, big girls! who are in their 20’s, here are some tips to help bring out your chic and youthful fashionable side!
A great Time To Experiment
Being in your 20’s can be very amazing! You have all the reasons in the world to experiment with trendy looks and get away with looking youthful and fun. It’s the age where most girls are still young, free and single. You get to become more sophisticated with your choices and yet still have that fashion rebel in you. Don’t be afraid to show off your true sense of style with statement pieces and accessories!
Burst Of Color
This is my favourite part. Vibrant colors and loud prints are one of the most basic elements that you can easily rock in your 20′s. I used to mix these pieces with neutral ones to help create a nice balance. If you are used to the usual cuts and styles, try to get inspiration from trendy fashion magazines and pick pieces that are interesting. It’s always a good idea to incorporate trendy styles with classic ones. As we all know, styles can get outdated, so buying pieces in classic cuts will make them last for a long time.
A Mix Of Everything
Invest in a lot of simple tops, skinny jeans, cardigans, sneakers and heels. You are in an age where you are most recognized for your sense of style. Don’t just stick to one theme and go for something new once in a while. If you are a typical girly girl who wears frilly dresses and skirts, why don’t you try the edgy style once in a while and rock those wedge boots and leather jeans?
There are so many reasons why being in your 20′s can be awesome! So, what about guys? What are the style tips for guys in 20′s? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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