I happened to pay a random visit to Superdrug just to check out the new products which i knew had been released from various brands, mind you i wasn't planning on buying anything, o_o! Right! So as i wander around my eye catches some yellow banner labelled CLEARANCE. Hmmmm! That's interesting! So the clearance aisle is basically shelf pulls of various brands of makeup, some of the products are new whiles others maybe opened, broken, smeared, etc and have been greatly reduced with prices ranging from 10p to 1.99. Upon reaching that aisle, i instantly saw a couple of sleek makeup foundations. Rummaging through quickly i spotted my shade of their New Skin Revive in Demerara, for 1.99???!!!! Wow! Which is like one-fourth the usual price, yayyyyyyy! I also saw the Creme to Powder also in my shade and i was like why not? Also for 1.99! Who doesn't love bargains? So i grabbed one as i thought to try it out.

 Now Unto the Product!
The Sleek Makeup Creme to Powder is described as an oil free medium to full coverage foundation that is capable of hiding spots and dark circles. Creme to powder means that the consistency is creamy but once applied unto the face it leaves the effect of having used a powder! Brilliant! the product is packaged very compact and sleek and comes with a mirror and applicator sponge.
I find that it is a full coverage foundation that could be used to hide blemishes and also brighten dark circles underneath the eye
It is creamy and gives a matte finish which means that depending on your skin type you would not have to set it! It's like having a 2-in-1 product!
My shade Demerara i find is more on the orange side, neither too reddish nor yellowish which is perfect for brightening up my complexion, as i have yellow undertones to my skin, and this gives me a natural look
The compact design allows it to fit perfectly and discreetly into your purse or bag which is very handy if your ever need a touch up and it comes with a mirror too!

I find it relatively difficult to apply. I don't know if it's because i only use the liquid which is much easier. The solution is to apply the creme unto my face with my fingers, (which is sort of messy), then blend very well with my ELF powder brush and for that natural look i finish off with my beauty blender sponge.
It says it's oil free which i thought would be perfect for my combination oily skin. Instead this is NOT so. I used it alone and also set it with powder and still found my T-zone as oily as ever. I'd recommend priming the face prior to application of creme with the milk of magnesia to completely matte out the face and keep it oil free through out the day.
I personally do not like full coverage foundation, although it isn't heavy, as i like some skin to show through. The solution is to apply a little! It goes a long way.
 I also find that the sponge applicator provided applies the creme too heavily BUT that is perfect for hiding blemishes. I'd rather prefer to use it to blend the creme.
Overall, this is an excellent full coverage foundation good for hiding blemishes, suitable for all skin types and gives an airbrushed look if well blended. I'd recommend and would give it a rating of 3.5 out of 5.
If you find yourself getting oily i'd recommend you to prime your face using the milk of magnesia. Check out how it works here. Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts kindly share with me. Questions are welcome too.
As always, stay fab!!!!!!
By Annette Akye II NaturalistaGh
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