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I met Missy about two years ago. She suffered from mild acne and had dark spots from where previous breakouts had been. According to her she had tried all sorts of skin products and hadn't gotten any relief. As at the time I met her she was using a concoction of a local anti-acne product a doctor gave her and a lightening cream for the dark spots and claimed that was the only thing that was helping her. Fast forward to few weeks ago I met Missy again and sad to say the situation is still the same. She still claims nothing has worked for her and she’s never been to see a skin professional. Concealor is her friend however after covering the dark spots she’s left with the bumpy face makeup cannot hide.
Can you relate to Missy? Are you always plagued with some skin issues? Have you tried so many products and nothing seems to work for you? Has it clicked to you that it may not necessarily be the products? Well here are some reasons you are not getting any relief.

Here are 7 reasons why your skin care products aren't working:

1.    You are not cleansing properly or exfoliating!
Yes before any treatment serum or moisturizer can work or be absorbed by the skin, there is the need for the skin to be rid of any impurities. For e.g., If you constantly wear makeup, then you would know that using just a face wipe is not enough to clear your pores. You will have to go through several processes of cleansing and sometimes deep pore cleansing is necessary. Exfoliating helps to get rid of dead skin cells and unclog your pores therefore not exfoliating will mean that you are applying product atop dead skin cells. Not good! 

2.    You are using the product wrongly!
Most often when i ask clients what products the use for their face they'll say "oh i use this cleanser" or that soap and then i ask with what? They respond "oh thats all"! Using just one product alone may not be enough to solve the problem. In addition, no two skin conditions are the same and sometimes using certain products that have worked for others may not necessarily work for you. Also there are different types of products that are formulated for different skin types so it is important to know your skin type and get products that are formulated specifically for it. 

3.       You are mixing several brands of products!
Sometimes using products from several different brands may not work well and can even cause reactions. Some skincare companies will actually insist and sell a whole range of products because some are even more effective if used with products from the same range. Also as lots of people do mix and match companies do not want to be liable in case of any reactions with products from other products. 

4.       You do not have good sanitary habits!
Not having a good skincare regimen is worse but what’s worst is unsanitary habits. I mean like picking your pimples, touching your face, not changing your pillow cases, not washing and disinfecting your brushes, using the same powder puff for years, lol!, etc. Picking your pimples and touching your face means that your fingers will be transferring bacteria from the infected area to other uninfected places on your face. Bad! Your phones, pillow cases, powder puffs and brushes come into regular contact with your face and can become infected and breed bacteria and other microorganisms that cause skin ailments. How gross! They will then aid in spreading to other parts of your face.       

5.   You have not sought for professional help!
If like Missy you haven't sought for professional help then you will do trial and error and waste precious time and money. There are skin clinics that are specialised in tackling skin problems so if you are at a loss to what to do your best bet is to visit a sin specialist to prescribe drugs or specialised treatment. 

6.  You are not patient!
You have purchased a product and used it for 2 weeks and while you haven't seen the much needed improvement you judge the product as not effective or working and then you stop using it. Are you guilty? I cannot begin to tell you about the hidden costs of waste. 

7.  You are not committed!
I know most people will also be guilty of this including myself sometimes. Whats the point in spending money to buy good products and then you only use them once in a while when you remember? Or they are just sitting on top of your drawers? To see improvement or relief you will need to be religious! Create a simple regimen that you can follow and follow to the T. 

If you find yourself guilty of any of the above, then it’s high time your reviewed your skincare habits. There’s no point in spending that cash and not getting any relief.

I hope you found this post helpful. Let me know if you have any skincare tips to share. Do you have any bad habits? kindly share as well.

Until the next post, change your skincare habits,
Annette is a self taught makeup artist as well as beauty and natural hair enthusiast. She doesn’t claim to be an expert; however, her work does speak for itself. Feel free to contact her for makeup services for your special occasions. Also check out her facebook pages. For makeup check Beautique Gh and for natural hair NaturalistaGh


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