As a Nigerian-based business, we at Jovago.com get super excited every time we write about any of the nation’s fabulous exports. That said, it is not every time we get the chance to work with beauty brands, however, most of our clients have often shed light on some of the finest beauty lines that wear the “Made in Nigeria” stamp with pride. And for your convenience, we have curated a list of the top go-to beauty brands every beauty conscious person- including make-up artists, facialists, dermatologists and nail technicians- in the country, as well as abroad, should definitely try.
Discover these five leading Nigerian businesses who are making perfect luxury items for your travels around the world.

House Of Tara
First Established in 1998 and founded by Tara Fela-Durotoye – a premier in the makeup beauty business in Nigeria, HOUSE OF TARA is an international beauty brand geared towards empowering, helping them achieve self-awareness and boosting self-esteem.

Gradually becoming a beauty empire, it features a wide range of cosmetic products and accessories, from foundations and powders to lip sticks, eye pencils and shadows, mascaras as well as make-up tools including brushes, waist pouches and make-up bags all promoting Nigeria’s ethnicity and cultural heritage. Their first beauty line launched for women of colour – Tara Orekelewa, remains extremely popular.

One of the most popular beauty brands in Nigeria and very well preferred by Nigerian women, Zaron is fast-rising premium beauty brand in the country, launched for to meet the hair and makeup needs of many women all over the world.

With its products which compete with foreign bands even though it is specially designed for the black skin tone and tropical climatic conditions, it has engraved its name in the consciousness and hearts of many makeup lovers around Nigeria and Africa at large.They were the first Nigerian beauty companies with products certified oil free and containing (SPF) Sun Protection Formula. Oh, and their make-up products are fabulous as they are always richly pigmented makeup products.
BM Pro
You will certainly feel a little bit more beautiful after using a BM Pro product.
Founded by Banke Meshida-Lawal, a highly recognized makeup artist in Nigeria, The BMPRO (Banke Meshida Professional Makeup) makeup line started with 14 products in the line in 2006 but is currently boasts of over 65 products in the Nigerian market as well as distributors all over Nigeria, Ghana, UK, USA, and Canada; and has received many awards and accolades. This brand also has a complete line of high pigment, hypoallergenic makeup products and brushes, and has undoubtedly achieved iconic status among the women of Nigeria.

Lise Beauty Range
Another popular indigenous brand with a complete line of makeup products only, Lise beauty range has been making waves all over Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone US, and the UK. Owned by Eni Balogun, a US certified Freelance Makeup artist.
Launched in 2004 and also re-launched in the summer of 2006, the company knows a thing or two about cosmetics. The range also includes handy top tips and tricks from Lise on how to create the look and get the most out of products. Many spas situated in these hotels here use their products too.

Kuddy Cosmetics
One of the oldest makeup stores we have here in Nigeria, Kuddy Cosmetics (KC) is just recently launched their own brand of makeup products and sold on Iyaoloja, a website is owned by the Kuddy Cosmetics family. If you have been to most hotel salons and beauty stores in Lekki, Nigeria, you must have seen their products everywhere already. For a budget makeup line, it packs a lot of punch. The sleek packaging may not be very eye-catching, but inside is what counts. The silky textures, deep colors, and long-term effect make this line worth every cent it costs as well as your loyalty.

Write up by Jovago.com

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