Christmas season is here and with it comes the usual busy social calendar of office parties, galas, family gatherings, getaways and much more! We know how important it is for you to look your festive best to ensure you turn heads at all these social outings. No fear, Maybelline New York has you covered with the hottest tips for festive, chic makeup looks to keep you stylish and on trend for all the events this holiday season! As one of the top makeup brand in the world, Maybelline New York know just how to help you take all the latest trends from the catwalk to the sidewalk – or in this case, to the yuletide – this season, so let’s get started!
1.       We’re starting our tip list with the basics – foundation! Much like a building, if you don’t have a strong foundation, your finished look is just not going to be strong. Test your foundation shade on your jaw line to ensure you have an accurate match and when applying, blend all the way down the neck for a smoother finish.
2.       Next up is a quintessential Christmas favorite, the bold red lip! Although we love this look for so many other occasions (date night or when you need to look like a powerhouse at the office…) it’s also perfect for Christmas occasions – just think of how perfectly you’ll coordinate with the green and red décor! Be sure to find the right shade for your skin tone – darker skin tones should opt for colors with an orangey base to make a brighter statement, and lighter skin tones can look for colors with blue undertones for more drama.
3.       A smoky eye is a timeless classic and will always be sure to be a hit at any party this holiday season. Use black eyeliner to line your eyes on both the waterline and on the eyelid. Be sure to choose mascara with black hues to add to the drama and lengthen your lashes, making your eyes stand out and appear bigger. Throwing in a nice silvery eye shadow or even some gold sparkle on the eyelid will only add to your festive aura.
4.       So for those of you who aren’t all about the red lip need not miss out on the lipstick fun. We recommend swinging to the opposite end of the spectrum with a subtle, warm chocolaty nude lip reminiscent of a lovely cup of hot cocoa! This look is great paired with subtle eye makeup for a day at the office or doing some last minute gift shopping, but for the party where you need to turn heads, play up your eyes to add a bit of drama to the toned-down lip.
5.       The holidays are perfect for finally sitting down to practice that ever-classic and devastatingly chic trend, winged eyeliner! This look is best achieved with a gel eyeliner as it glides more easily and allows you to create smooth, precise lines on your eyelid. Start from your inner eyelid and create a line just skimming your lash line and then extend that line from your eyelid to make your eyes appear bigger and add a bit of retro glamour to your Christmas look this year. Using your finger to pull the eyelid skin tight helps avoid gaps or uneven lines. Throw in some volumizing mascara to add some further glam and make your eyes pop even more!
6.       Nothing says you’re excited for the holiday festivities better than a little shimmer! Try looking for a nice glittery eye shadow, or add a bit of sparkle to any lipstick by adding a touch of ColorShow lip gloss, where the subtle sparkle will put you in the Christmas spirit!
Now we’ve given you all the tools for you to have a fun, fashionable holiday season while looking like a super star for all those timeless Christmas pictures! The Maybelline New York range includes all your essentials for the holidays, from foundations perfectly matched to your specific skin tone, to lipsticks that can withstand the heat and mascaras and eyeliners designed to make your eyes pop! The products are available at over 100 retailers nationwide, so stop by your nearest location and get your gifts lined up for the glamorous women in your life, or get yourself equipped with all the tools to shine like the star atop the Christmas tree this holiday season!

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