There’s absolutely no shame in our beauty game
Sometimes our commitment leads us to bend the rules a bit and do some not-so-cute things in the name of pretty. But, since we’re all friends here, we’re dishing on 12 of the embarrassing beauty habits we’re totally guilty of.

1. Shaving Strange Places
News flash: We are not hairless beings. And, we’re not just talking about a little fuzz on the legs and arms. Hair can also be found in some less-than-attractive places likour cheeks, upper-lip region, stomach, knuckles and even toes.

So, what’s a girl to do? Shave it. There we said it.
2. Plucking Gray Hair

As much as we try to hide it, the aging process is a real thing. Nothing presents this hard dose of reality quite like a gray hair. You know, the ones that sprout out of nowhere and take center stage? Yeah, those. So, naturally our knee-jerk reaction is to whip out the tweezers and make that hair history. Confession: Some of us have found ourselves tweezer-less, and took a Sharpie to our hair to hide the evidence.
3. Using Hemorrhoid Cream to Treat Under-Eye Bags

Sorry, but we’re not trying to carry our makeup and daily essentials in the bags under our eyes. And, sometimes, all the ice cubes, cold cucumbers and concealer in the world can’t help our under-eye baggage. So, we’ve been known to reach for the hemorrhoid cream to reduce the puff from time to time.

4. Sporting Streaky Self-Tanner

For one, those of us who dabble (aka drench) ourselves in self-tanner are a little hush-hush about the whole ordeal. When questioned, we respond with “I’m just naturally olive.” or “I spent the weekend in Malibu.” Welp, from time to time that tan speaks for itself—and when we catch it, it’s too late, we’re already out in public.
5. Bleaching Our Mustaches

Why should the hair on our head get all the fun? While threading and waxing are the more commonly embraced forms of hair removal, those with a less prominent ’stache go the bleaching route. What’s the biggie?
6. Reviving Shattered Compacts, Because Money

Whether it’s because we have an unbreakable bond with our powder foundation or because we are on a tight mandatory beauty budget, we have been known to pull a MacGyver on a broken compact. Some call it crazy, we call it resourceful.

7. Painting Over Chipped Polish

With no time to go back to the nail salon, and not enough energy to start from scratch, we may or may not resort to painting over chipped nails for a “fresh” mani when in a pinch. C’mon. You know you’ve done it.
8. Cutting Our Own Bangs …

Most of us are not lucky enough to have a full glam squad at our beck and call (bummer). So, occasionally, we take matters into our own hands—literally. When our bangs start to get too long for comfort, we risk catastrophe (and a scolding from our stylists) and give ’em a little snip. What’s the worst that could happen?

9. & Split Ends
All that coloring, bleaching, and heat-styling can take a toll on our locks via a hot, splitting mess. And, while we’d love to say we always treat our stands to this 5-step program for healthy hair, sometimes we succumb to the allure of instant gratification and snip those little suckers. Shhh … don’t tell our stylists about this one either!

10. Waiting Days Between Hair Washing
OK, maybe even a week. But, hair-washing can be a serious undertaking. Between, the shampooing, the conditioning, leave-in treatments, blowdrying and styling, the process can sometimes take hours. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So we like to skip the ’poo and rely on chic hats to keep our secret safe. Sue us.

11. “Forgetting” Expiration Dates
Whoops! Did that foundation expire last month? Well, we we just want to get the most out of our makeup  … even if it means bending the rules a bit. We told you, we live life on the edge.

12. Faking It
While we’re in the business of confessing secrets, we’ve got a few more things to admit.  Those chiseled cheekbones, slim nose and even those ultra-perky boobs aren’t ours. They were gifts from the beauty gods. But, the makeup skills are REAL.


’Fess up! Which of these are you guilty of? Or is there one we missed? Tell all in the comments below.

Source: Makeup.com

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