Whether you are just starting out in this world and need to put a foundation wardrobe in place or if you are giving your wardrobe a refresher here are some wardrobe ideas to help you get started.
Two pairs of jeans -one hemmed for heels and the other hemmed for flats.
Three skirts - a pencil skirt, a A-line skirt which incidentally looks good on all body types and a skirt in a neutral fabric so you can mix and match with others items.
Shirts - A white button front shirt and a few T-shirts.
Three sweaters - The fabric should be a lightweight.
  • One should be black and match your black trousers.
  • The second one should be more neutral like off-white, camel or taupe.
  • The third sweater should just simple be a sweater that you love and feel great in. Nothing too dressy - one you can wear to the office and with jeans.
Two Jackets
  • A tailored jacket that matches your black pants.
  • A sporty leather jacket
  • A little black dress
Three Bags
  • A classic leather style with clean lines that works for everything.
  • A catch all fun tote bag
  • An envelope shaped bracelet style for the evening.
Shoes (5 pairs)
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