Two months ago, I wrote an article tittle WHY SKINNY FASHION MODELS ARE BAD FOR BUSINESS ADVERT.. Today, I present to you BIG, BOLD & BEAUTIFUL Curvy Women. You will agree with me that they are sexy and very lovely in their garment.
Research shows that designers who do more of plus size garments will have advantage of making up to 40% more profile than that of skinny models.
Am so much optimistic about the future of larger women getting a chance to shine on fashion runways but the questions we must ask ourselves are: how large is too large for a plus size model, and should designers go out of their way to camouflage plus-size figures or accentuate them?


BIG, BOLD & BEAUTIFUL CURVY WOMEN BIG, BOLD & BEAUTIFUL CURVY WOMEN Reviewed by Bashiru Olu Wasiu-Ayinde on 08:42:00 Rating: 5

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