Modeling can be a confusing profession to those that are just starting because there are so many unwritten rules, not to mention the scams that ruin the dreams of many potential models.
Many beginning models and even some of the experienced models most of the time think that "Model Agent" and "Model  Manager" (aka, "AGENCY" and "MANAGER/MANAGEMENT") are two names for the same job. Though they do share some of the same responsibilities, their primary roles are very different. Let's take a look.
Model Manager/Management company Model manager/management company (also referred to as personal manager) provide guidance and direction for their models to help them become successful in the modeling industry. Model managers act as an intermediary between models and all the other modeling industry professionals who provide services to models. Manager introduce the model to the agents, clients, photographers, designers, editors etc
It is the responsibility of the model manager to assist in the development of the models career in the modeling industry.
In addition to helping models achieve their career goals, model managers handle their models business affairs as well as coordinate training and development. Model managers in some instances arrange auditions for models, however, it is not within the scope of their job to do so. Model managers are solely responsible for developing and managing their models careers, not obtaining work for them.
Model managers are not really bind or subject to any regulations set forth by the modeling industry. Therefore, you must be very careful when selecting a model manager to represent you. When considering working with a model manager, be sure to inquire about how much experience they have, who they have represented, and what type of models they represent. A model manager can only benefit you if he/she is knowledgeable about the modeling industry and has great relationships with agents, producers, casting directors, advertisers etc.
The benefits of working with a model manager are that you will have access to agents, production companies, casting companies, advertisers etc. that you would not otherwise have. If you are a new or un-signed model, a model manager will help you get an agent.
Model Agency (Agent)
Model agents play the most important role in a model's career. The model agent is the individual or company that gets the model work. Model agents receive casting notices from various sources and send their models out on "go sees" based upon specifications requested by the client. While there are many casting websites that allow models to self-submit for work, model agents are privy to casting opportunities that models would otherwise never know about. Most major advertisers will not work with models unless they have an agent.
Model agents spend the majority of their time securing go sees and negotiating deals on behalf of their models.
Model agents are subject to different licensing guidelines based on the country they operate in. 
It is very difficult to find legitimacy of any agency in most of the Africa countries because there are no legislation controlling their activities or there are laws but not been followed or enforced.
The responsibilities of model managers and model agents can be complex and may overlap in some instances. Just be sure to remember that a model agent's primary responsibility is getting you work. A model manager is not responsible for obtaining work for you. Rather, the model manager's role is to advance your overall career. Model managers focus on managing the business activities on behalf of the model.
In the grand scheme of things both model managers and model agents are in business to grow your career and keep you working. Models often have more than one agent i.e. commercial and fashion, but they will usually have only one manager.
Tips and Considerations
No legitimate model manager or agent will ask you for money up front in exchange for representation.
Both managers and agents are paid when you are paid --no exceptions. Managers will typically earn 10 to 20 percent commission and agents will typically earn a 15 to 20 percent commission on your bookings.
Remember, their responsibilities are geared toward the same goal…advancing a models career and getting the models more modeling jobs so the model makes more money. The bottom line is that when a model succeeds and gets paid, everybody gets paid. Both model agents and model managers will work hard to make that happen.
Do you have any question or you have a particular topic you want me to discuss? send me email to OR write it in the comment box. All the best in your your modeling career.

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