After reading this article on this morning. I feel i should share it with you because its something that has been bordering my mind for sometimes 
I take keen interest in the Ms. Ghana competition, and sometimes I have wondered how the selections of the contestants have been made in the previous years. I understand that beauty is not only about the physical appearance, but I know it has so much to with it.
Although, I have never been in attendance at any particular Ms. Ghana pageant, I have had the opportunity to be present during the selection of a Ms. Greater Accra back in 1998. The ladies who represented were nothing to write home about.
To me personally, the whole event scored a “D.” I remember vividly that after the program, I approached the MC and one judge and suggested some improvements to them. I was in attendance with a girlfriend who was also visiting from Canada.  The whole show was a total flop.
I have been closely following the selection of the Ms. Ghana 2012 contestants, and honestly I am so far impressed with the selection.
Although, I am not sure how this year’s event will turn out, I must say that I am mostly impressed with the ladies who have been selected to represent Ghana. All the ladies seemed poised and very confident about themselves.
I don’t know about their educational level, but I strongly believe all of them can at least read and write.  The most impressive thing that attracts me about this year’s contestants is their fashion style. I love their dresses and accessories.
I am also in love with their hair styles.  Their hair are neatly tucked-in and pulled back, which makes it easier to see their faces.  Their hair is not covering up their faces or attires as some people do.  Their dresses are neatly and beautifully designed with African prints to fit their beautiful bodies.

They look really simple, yet sophisticated and sexy.  Their accessories are bold, yet not too complicated and it goes perfectly with their attires.  They are all very pretty and if they are all smart, then I believe whoever wins the crown will go further in next year’s Ms. World contest.
I have a great feeling this year’s Ms. Ghana pageant will be a memorable one if it is planned well because all the contestants are beautiful! Take a look at my favourite contestant of this year and judge for yourself. What do you say?

I love the writer point as to this year selection of Miss Ghana. Quality things will surely be achieved if you have the best team. take a look at the judges; Majid Michel, Nana Ama, Barrak, Xavier, Asem and Inna herself. 
Accra Judges

Middle Belt Judges

Am sure you don't expect less from them just like me. Lets still keep our fingers cross as the writer said and wait for the end result as we hope the best out of them will take the crown and be a good representation in Miss world beauty pageant.

Meet the finalists


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