When it comes to beauty, there can be a fine line between right and wrong. Take make-up for example. The right foundation can transform your face into an image of poreless perfection and the wrong one can morph it into a masky mess. Here are the most common self-inflicted grooming catastrophes and how to avoid them.
Worst Beauty Move #1: Wearing Foundation on Flaky Skin
Not unlike paint, foundation needs a smooth surface. Otherwise it looks cracked, dry, dull and—worse—obvious, which is the exact opposite of what you want your foundation to do for you. “Foundation should absorb into the skin, disappearing into it. To even out the surface of your skin, gently scrub it to remove dead cells and flakes. Finish by applying a moisturizing lotion.
Worst Beauty Move #2: Not Blending Your Makeup
This issue applies to everything you put on your face, whether it's foundation, blush, eye shadow or eyeliner. No one looks good with hard lines on their skin, eyes or lips. The motto has always been blend, blend, blend. Use brushes or fingers to gently massage colour into the skin everywhere you put it. Don’t forget your jawline, chin and other areas of your face that may be slightly hidden when you look in the mirror.
Worst Beauty Move #3: Using Concealer That’s Too Light
If you want to draw attention to something, you shine a light on it, right? The same goes for the way-too-light undereye concealer that’s supposed to be softening those dark circles but is making them even more obvious. That’s how you get raccoon eyes. Setting it with powder makes it even worse. To avoid an ashy, grayish effect, opt for a pink-toned concealer to brighten or a peach-toned one to cancel out the bluish hue of undereye circles. Most important, choose a creamy, easy-to-blend cover-up that’s an exact match to your skin tone.
Worst Beauty Move #4: Applying Too Much Luminizer
Who doesn’t love the look of glowing, dewy skin? But next time you reach for that shimmery highlighter, think twice. “It is definitely not for everyone. If you have oily or problematic skin, luminizer can highlight acne and make you look greasier. Stick to just one or two areas, such as the top of your cheekbones or bridge of your nose, and use your fingers for more control. Remember, less is more. There’s a huge difference between looking radiant and just plain shiny.
Worst Beauty Move #5: Clipping Your Cuticles
That little bit of tougher skin is there for a reason: to protect the root of your nail from bacteria and other infections. To keep cuticles looking neat and clean, push them back with an orange stick. Be sure to use cuticle oil every day. You’ll never get hangnails, and your nails will always look like you just walked out of a salon.

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